Previous editions

Previous editions


Originally, the purpose of the event was to inform Maguay customers and potential clients about real servers, which are the newest advancements in server technology and how to implement these advancements in real life situations. No Time for Downtime theme has expanded over the course of its 9 editions to present critical IT solutions as a response to current requirements of Romanian companies.



JW Marriott Grand Hotel
90 Calea 13 Septembrie Street, Bucharest
27 sept. 2018
08:45 - 15:00

Why should you register?

Hear all about the newest technologies in Romania! You will be able to discuss directly with technical specialists from Maguay, Intel, Oracle, Fortinet, HGST, SAP etc. and you will find out exactly what solutions fit your needs and budget!

About Maguay

Maguay is celebrating 25 years of existence on the Romanian market. As a premium IT solution provider, always integrating the latest technologies, Maguay will easily become a trusted ally of your business. Find out more about us on our official website.