2014 Edition

We are happy that we had with us at this year edition important figures from the IT industry, technology providers who presented the solutions and the technologies for the years to come. Starting from the real needs of users, educating and innovating the local market, we offered in our 22 years of activity advanced hardware and software solutions at an excellent price/performance ratio, always integrating the latest technologies available. read more...

2015 Edition

The 13th edition of No Time for Downtime was supported by our world-renowned partners such as: Intel, Oracle, Symantec - Veritas, Fortinet, VMware, Nexenta, Promise and Bitdefender. read more...

2016 Edition

The 14th edition was supported by world-renowned partners such as Intel, Oracle, Fortinet, Microsoft, HGST, Bitdefender, Phoenix IT, iSYS, as well as our technology partners, Rittal, ASUS, In Win, AMCS & Kingston. read more...


Stejarii Country Club
14A Jandarmeriei Street, Bucharest
26 sept. 2019
08:45 - 15:00

Why should you register?

Hear all about the newest technologies in Romania! You will be able to discuss directly with technical specialists from Maguay, Intel, Oracle, Fortinet, HGST, SAP etc. and you will find out exactly what solutions fit your needs and budget!

About Maguay

Maguay is celebrating 27 years of existence on the Romanian market. As a premium IT solution provider, always integrating the latest technologies, Maguay will easily become a trusted ally of your business. Find out more about us on our official website.