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On September 27th, will take place the 16th edition of the "No Time for Downtime" event, one of the most representative events for the Romanian IT market. The event is dedicated to computing systems and mission-critical solutions for the datacenter, including reflection of technological trends for this segment.
The event will be organized, as every year, in two sections: one for the technological showcase and the other one for presentation, in which Maguay Computers specialists and those from Intel, Oracle, Fortinet, Bitdefender, Seagate, HGST, ASUS, Kingston, Veritas, iSYS Professional and Phoenix IT will present the latest trends and technologies.


During the showcase we will present (full list will be sent with the event agenda):

Open E JovianDSS Logo• Maguay Computers unified storage platforms using the software defined storage concept;

• Launch of the Unified SAN / NAS Storage Platform, multiprotocol, based on the OPEN-E Jovian DSS operating system;


• Maguay eXpertServer servers based on the new platform and Intel Xeon Gold and Platinum processors;
• Virtualization solutions for multiple Data Center scenarios;
• Enterprise storage solutions from Seagate, HGST;
• Fortinet security solutions;
• Veritas Net Backup solution;
• ASUS business equipment;
• iTrack - the advanced GPS fleet management and monitoring solution and iTrack Logistics, the optimization solution of distribution routes;
• Phoenix IT e-learning solutions for academic and corporate environments, and UALRS Isoscel Professional Testing System;
• The complete range of Maguay computing systems, from portable to graphics and gaming.



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 parteneri ntfd 2018

Stejarii Country Club
14A Jandarmeriei Street, Bucharest
26 sept. 2019
08:45 - 15:00

Why should you register?

Hear all about the newest technologies in Romania! You will be able to discuss directly with technical specialists from Maguay, Intel, Oracle, Fortinet, HGST, SAP etc. and you will find out exactly what solutions fit your needs and budget!

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