The first edition of the event called ”No Time for Downtime” has taken place in the autumn of 2003. Structured as an event for storage and high performance servers, Maguay has presented its guests a case study on the solution they implemented at A&D Pharma, one of the biggest and most dynamic pharm groups in Romania. They needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure, so over 50 servers with Intel Xeon processors were installed in the deposits of Mediplus, the pharmacies Sensiblu and at the headquarter or A&D Pharma, in a Data Center, a solution fully implemented by Maguay.


Number of participants: 50


“For our business, a performing IT infrastructure is a vital element that can offer a high competitive advantage. This has proved to be a requirement due to the recent evolutions on the pharmacy market: modification of legislation and increase in competition”, said Eugen Valeriu Popa, CIO at A&D Pharma.


Stejarii Country Club
14A Jandarmeriei Street, Bucharest
26 sept. 2019
08:45 - 15:00

Why should you register?

Hear all about the newest technologies in Romania! You will be able to discuss directly with technical specialists from Maguay, Intel, Oracle, Fortinet, HGST, SAP etc. and you will find out exactly what solutions fit your needs and budget!

About Maguay

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